Welcome to Senior Week at Gawker Media! Here’s the rundown: We’re not going anywhere, and neither is Lifehacker, but ahead of the acquisition of our parent business, this week we’re spraying a little spice in your regular serving of suggestions, tricks, and downloads for getting things done. We’ll publish a couple of takes, some unusual hacks you might wantwish to attempt, and some other goodies we wouldn’t usually. Enjoy!The whole concept of credit scores is flawed to start with. We inform individuals there’s this single number to evaluate their financial merit. That’s a scary prospect. In reality, there are in fact numerous credit ratingscredit report, not just one. Banks utilize their own scoring system to approve or deny your applications, for instance. FICO is probably the king of credit scorescredit rating, as well as they supply a few various models, and it depends on your lender to decide which model they use.