Thursday Civil Consumes reported on how the dairy industry is targeting Millennials with sponsored material in The Onion. Amidst declining dairy intake and the growing popularity of non-dairy milks, they reportedly paid The Onion to run satires of issues about antibiotics and imply tweets.

One such sponsored piece, Blog writer Takes Few Moments Every Morning To Choose Whether To Feel Annoyed, Incensed, Or Surprised By Days News, is suffused with lines like Today, for instance, I plan to rant about how were all morphing into dangerous zombies from the prescription antibiotics administered to dairy cows by aliens.

At the bottom of the piece, a line states Americas milk farmers and importers wantwish to share the real realities about milk. Discover more right here which leads to a site named Dairy products Good.

What Civil Eats doesn’t dive into is how Milk Good is moneyed. Its part of The Innovation Center for US Milk, which is moneyed by a patchwork of source, which includes USDA financing (aka. your tax dollars at work), along with whats knowncalled a checkoff program.

These programs include mandatory fees that producers of particular items must pay, which goes into moneying the promo of those items. The problem is the groups that get this financing do not always represent all farmers. It indicates even if you are a small milk producer with issues about misuse of prescription antibiotics, you are forced to fund things like Onion articles that make enjoyabletease these same issues.