On a common day at Historic Washington State Park, visitors stroll along wooden sidewalks, exploring brought back and reconditioned homes, companies and churches, attempting their hands at dipping candle lights or learning to use an old printing press. However its during the yearly Jonquil Festival that they can truly get their hands on unique products made the antique way.

While the celebration is called after a flower, Sheila Little with park sales and promos states, Primarily, its an arts and crafts celebration.

There are around 150 suppliers and they are available in from all over the country to sell primarily handcrafted jewelry, clothing, soap, lotion, leather products, wooden items and food.

We have a few of the old favorites that people return every year and they know precisely where to go to acquire from them.

For Little, its like seeing household return. Theyre a great deal of enjoyable to visit with. Its like a reunion.

But with about 25 percent of the vendors brand-new to the celebration, Little says, theres always something new to find.

No 2 years are the very same.

Historical Washington State Park is a collection of more than 30 19th- and early 20th-century structures scattered around the town of Washington in Hempstead County. The town served as the short-lived state capital during the Civil War and today, its brought back homes, stores and public buildings are open for tours and presentations so visitors can experience Arkansas life in the 1800s. Its structures consist of a weapons museum, candle-making store and working blacksmith.

Not all structures are open every day however throughout the festival, an increase of additional volunteers assists the park open more historic buildings than usual. Tickets ($8, $4 for children) are required for tours and, weather permitting, there will be surrey rides ($3). Tickets are offered at the candle light store. Otherwise, though, all the outside activities are totally free.

In addition to the fleet of vendors, there will certainly be musical performances and Block 6– a round-up of antique vehicles and tractors. The area in front of the blacksmith store is generally home to an event of iron mongers.

Theres a lot of banging going on, Little says.

When it comes to food, in addition to food vendors, the parks Williams Pub will certainly serve buffet dishes.

This is among the first celebrations of the year. And its in a historical setting, Little states. That makes us special compared with a few of these other city celebrations where you go up and down paved streets and its busy and noisy. You come here and its simply peaceful and really family-oriented and friendly. And we have the gorgeous jonquils blooming everywhere.

And what about those jonquils? Will the repeat rounds of rough winter weather damage the celebrations namesakes?

No, Little says. Those little heads pop right back up.

Weekend on 03/19/2015