Gregory Windham, New London, OH, has been billed with 2 counts of Possession of Medicines, felonies of the third and also fifth degree. According to records of the Port Clinton Authorities Department, Windham was found in possession of cocaine and also Oxycodone last summer during a web traffic stop.

Gayle Strickhouser, Coach, OH, has actually been fingered on one matter of Abuse of a Credit scoresa Bank card and two counts of Burglary, all felonies of the 4th level, after she presumably took an ATM MACHINEa BANK CARD from an elderly sufferer and utilized it for cash money developments over a 5 month duration in 2015.

Viktor Ivantsov, Chesterland, OH, was chargedaccuseded of felony matters of Trafficking in Marijuana as well as Possession of Marijuana, together with an offense count of Ownership of Medication Paraphernalia. Ivantsov was quitvisited cannon fodders off the Ohio State Freeway Patrol last October, as well as apparently discovered in belongings of over 4000 grams of marijuana.

Mason G. Beverly, who is currently being kept in the Ottawa County Detention Facility, was arraigned on two matters of Damaging and Going into, both felonies of the 5th level, along with one misdemeanor matter of Burglary, after he apparently went into two Port Clinton services last month.

Brian G. Stout, that was presently being kept in the Ottawa County Apprehension Center, has been chargedaccuseded of felony matters of Burglary, Damaging and Entering, as well as Aggravated Burglary, after he supposedly entered a Port Clinton house as well as took a gun. Inning accordance with police officers of the Port Clinton Cops Department, Stout was later detained in the Mansfield location.

Summonses have been released for Windham, Strickhouser, and also Ivantsov. All are set up making their first look in the Ottawa Region Court of Common Pleas on April 5, 2017. Warrants have actually been provided for Tabbert, Beverly, and Stout.

VanEerten kept in mind that an indictment is simply a formal fee in the Typical Pleas Court and also does not signify sense of guilt or virtue.

has actually been charged with two matters of Possession of Medications, felonies of the third as well as fifth level. Viktor Ivantsov, Chesterland, OH, was charged with felony matters of Trafficking in Cannabis and also Property of Cannabis, along with a violation count of Belongings of Medicine Materiel. Brian G. Stout, who was currently being held in the Ottawa Region Apprehension Center, has actually been charged with felony counts of Burglary, Breaking and also Getting in, and also Aggravated Theft, after he allegedly entered a Port Clinton residence as well as took a firearm.