Few would dispute the need for people to become familiar with their credit reports and their credit ratings throughout their working years. But exactly what about retirees? Do they require to fretstress over such things?Yes, indeed

, says Gerri Detweiler, head of market education for Nav, which offers free service and individual credit ratingscredit report. “It is an error to think that retirees do not requirehave to stayremain on top of their credit reports or credit ratingscredit report,” she says.o Qualify for lower rates. Inning accordance with Detweiler and others, a significant part of retired Americans still have financial obligation. For instanceFor example, the Urban Institute reported in a 2013 research study that the share of grownups 65 and older with outstanding financial obligation increased from 30% to 46% from 1998 to 2010; the inflation-adjusted median value of debt grew 56% over the period; and the average ratio of total family financial obligation over overall household possessions more than doubled.