Junior Seau will be sworn in into the Pro Football Hall of Popularity posthumously in August, but his household wont be enabled to give a speech at the ceremony. Seaus daughter, Sydney, will certainly serve as her dads speaker but her comments will be restricted to a five-minute video that is played during the enshrinement. Sydney Seau informed the New York Times that she is disappointed to not have the ability to speak for her dad, and called the Hall of Fames policy uncomfortable.

It’s annoying due to the fact that the induction is for my dad and for the other gamers, but then to not be able to speak, it’s agonizing hurts. I simply wantwish to provide the speech he would have provided. It wasn’t going to be about this mess. My speech was exclusively about him.

The Hall of Fame used to permitenable speeches on behalf of departed players, however chose to eliminate the speeches and simply provide a video beginning in 2010. In an open letter, president David Baker described that the Hall of Fame is just following its policy.

Via the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Reports released Friday improperly specified that the Hall of Fame was “not permitting” or “disallowing” the Seau household from speaking at the Enshrinement on Saturday, Aug. 8. Nothing could be additionally from the reality, which is why I compose this letter.

The stories erroneously suggest that a modification in our policy concerning individuals enshrined posthumously was made solely for the case of Junior Seau when, in fact, it has been the Hall of Fame’s policy given that 2010. This is not a precedent setting scenario. It is existing policy, which is 6 years old and was firstwased initially carried out in 2011 when Los Angeles Rams great Les Richter was preserved posthumously.

For clarification, just Hall of Famers speak at the podium during the Enshrinement. Presenters speak through remarkable videos that commemorate the enshrinees’ Hall of Popularity professions.

The role of Sydney Seau, who will present her late daddy, is the exact same as the 7 other recognized individuals who will function as speakers for the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015.