A brand-new survey from the credit-reporting firm Experian reveals that 40% of participants who make $100,000 a year or more concern that their credit score will harm their house buying ability this year. The Wall Street Journal (membership needed) reports that these concerns are valid– the rating required for a jumbo loan being 720 and severe difficulties emerging for scores listed below 680.

Some wealthy customers may not even understand that they have credit difficulties with shared credit responsibilities being a typical event according to Stephen M. Calk, chairman and CEO of Chicago-based Federal Cost savings Bank:

He provides an example of a partner who has credit issues that go unconfessed, emerging when a loan application is submitted. Unsettled parking tickets are another typical surprise, Mr. Calk says. In the case of unsettled costs, the issue can generally be solved by merely paying the billfooting the bill and then utilizing “rapid re-score” services, which can be as fast as a couple of days.