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Over 2 days Doug Baldwin will teach the best ways to picture beads, glass, metal clay, ceramics, jewelry, wood and fiber crafts along with ways to edit the digital images in Photoshop into photographs as stunning as the artworks themselves. Two workshops will be held, May 16 -17 and May 23-24. Day one of class covers the language of studio photography, the 9 parameters of successful pictures and ways to produce them, fundamental photography, video camera and lens choices, the qualities of good lighting, composition, background products, and the best ways to set your cameras menus for constant, high quality photographs. This class is developed for all levels of photography experience. Even skilled photographers can learn from his lighting and composition tips. Day two includes tools and strategies to develop color precise files ready for use on your website, online marketplace, in publication short articles, books and portfolios. Doug is utilizing Photoshop Aspects 11 to teach the operations hes established. In-depth course description and registration information can be discovered on