They were the bad guys of the real estate crash. Federal regulators called them toxic. Now interest-only home loans are making a return, but these are not the loans of yesteryear or yester-housing booms.

I believe its opening the door back to accountable lending, providing individuals options, said Mat Ishbia, president and CEO of Michigan-based United Wholesale Mortgage, the second-largest loan provider through brokers in the nation.

The business announced Monday it is now offering interest-only loans through brokers, with significant safeguards. Customers need to put 20 percent down, making sure that they have the skin in the video game that so numerous did not during the heady days of the real estate boom. They have to have at least a 720 FICO credit ratingcredit report, which is well above average, and they must qualify on what the payments will be as soon as theyre adjusted higher, not at the starter rate.