If you wantwish to conservesave money on automobile insurance, it pays to take a tough look at how you utilize credit. In a lot of states your credit report influences how much you pay for vehicle insurance, and in some states your credit history has more impact than your driving record.

A NerdWallet sampling of vehicle insurance coverage quotes discovered that insurance coverage rates usually are greater for excellent drivers with bad credit than for poor drivers with exceptional credit, mirroring findings in an across the country research study launched in July 2015 by Customer Reports.

Although you’ll never understand the secret sauce of your insurer’s rates formula, you can bet that credit is a primary active ingredienta cornerstone unless you stay in California, Hawaii or Massachusetts, where insurance companies aren’t allowed to make use of credit report for determining vehicle insurance coverage rates. Comprehending this is the very first step towards saving money.

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Take credit seriously — — your car insurance company does

NerdWallet took a look at rates in three states and found that having poor credit a bit more than doubled average insurance quotes in Florida and South Carolina and enhanced costs by 76 % typically in Ohio, compared to drivers with excellent credit.

By contrast, a DUI conviction enhanced rates by simply 35 % to 74 % generally, depending on the state.