New info is being released about a Las Vegas Jane Doe case that dates back to 1979.

A body of a young womana girl believed to be between the ages of 16 to 21 was found in a vacant parking lot on the coroner of Sahara Opportunity and Las Vegas Boulevard on Aug. 14, 1979. No one could determine her and she was provided the name Jane Sahara Doe.Metro Authorities are still actively working on this case and state current testing of the pollen grains on her clothes shows she may have been investedhung out in the Napa Valley or Central Valley areas of California before showing up in Las Vegas.Police likewise received a lead that she may have been residing in a trailer park neighborhood near E. Lake Mead Boulevard and possibly worked at a Holiday Inn or a motel on Las Vegas Boulevard. She may have likewise passed the name of Shawna or Shauna.Jane Sahara Doe was 5-foot-6-inches high and weighed around 100 pounds. She was wearing blue pants and a green blouse with red sequins and two pendants. (See images)If you have any information that may result in the identity of Jane Sahara Doe, call 1-800-THE-LOST(

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