Throughout the year, Hoover High School student council members have focused on neighborhood service and promoting for the students. We are composing to shine light on the inadequate funding in the Des Moines Public Schools District. A proposal would lower the allowable development rate in schools from about 4 percent to 1.5 percent. This budget indifference impedes the schools from supplying the required jobs that will add to the success of the students.Hoover High School has actually

experienced this straight with almost losing our academic consultant, William Kirby. Kirby is an irreplaceable possession to students and parents. Without Kirby, students would not have access to scholarship opportunities, ACT preparation courses, college tours, FAFSA support, post-secondary options and STEM programs. Luckily, our administration was able to move positions and allow Kirby to keep his job. However the administration will not be filling one of the teaching positions to make this occur. This will certainly increase the teacher-to-student ratio in the class and will certainly lead to a reduction in optional classes.Without positions in the Des Moines public schools such as scholastic

consultants, students will certainly not be well-prepared for life after high school. More funding from the government will certainly provide more positions like Kirbys within the schools.