ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. – On the same day, the state Division of Funeral service, Cemetery and Consumer Solutions purchased First Coast Funeral service Home and its sibling business Beaches Boneyard to stop doing companyworking, a regional household says it was required to pay $3,490 if it desiredwished to bury its mom the following day.They were

told everything remained in order, so why 4 hours prior, do they needhave to spend $3,490, discussed Sarah Carter, owner of Sarah Carter Funeral Home. Carter, who was worked with by the family to perform the funeral services, is not affiliated with Beaches Memorial Park/First Coast Funeral House and has no control over the real burial. She said the household needed to drive out the night of their mother, Ella Mae Dillards, viewing to deliver a cashiers inspect to John Rayan, husband of the cemeterys owner, Amanda Rayan.