Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said “Europe must rise to the occasion” and grant Greece debt relief in a message to mark 63 years since the 1953 London Debt Arrangement, posted in his individual Facebook account on Monday, AMNA reported.

“On this day, in August 8, 1953, a nearly six-month negotiation between Germany and its creditors was concluded, with the signing of the London Debt Contract. The debt-ridden and war-torn Germany takes pleasure in the supreme move of uniformity in modern European history by having 60 percent of its foreign financial obligation cancelled, its internal financial obligations reorganized and a trade surplus clause,” Tsipras stated.

“The deal is executed with Greece’s signature. Given that SYRIZA was in the opposition, however likewise today as government, it has actually raised the problem of the Greek financial obligation, having actually won significant ground with particular outcomes reflected in Eurogroup’s decision on May 24.

Europe should rise to the occasion and turn its look to the future by signing a new social agreement that will guarantee the prosperity of its individuals,” he added.

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