The widow of a man who disappeared 43 years back and whose remains are thought to be those discovered in a vehicle immersed in a western North Carolina lake stated Friday that she and her household are eased that their anguish seems over.After 43 years, you don’t understandhave no idea exactly what to state, Katie Shook, 79, stated as she and her family member submitted from the Caldwell County Sheriffs Workplace after an emotional meeting with investigators that lasted around 2 hours. It was such a relief that I totally entered into shock when they stated they had actually lastly discovered him. All I can say is God answered my prayers that he would be discovered prior to I die.The family showed upreached the sheriffs workplace in Lenoir from across Tennessee. As they emerged from the constables workplace, their faces revealed the emotions of the possible closure in the case. Their meeting with private investigators consisted of a minute to take a look at the vehicle that shed brand-new light on a secret dating back to the Nixon administration.