Several lots early youth education and afterschool providers called on Mayor Costs de Blasio to fund up to 20 programs presently dealing with closure in the executive budget plan, in a press conference at Town hall on Monday hosted by the Project for Children.The financing issue could put de Blasio on a collisiona clash with a few of his administrations most stalwart allies on education concerns. Many of the service providers who rallied on Monday offer pre-kindergarten programs as part of de Blasios signature pre-K initiative.Advocates were mindfulbewared to praise de Blasio in general, but suggested that they were ready to take part in a high-stakes fight over funding.The de Blasio administration in combination with the City Council has actually set us on a

course forward, said Stephanie Gendell, the associate executive director of the People Committee for Children, describing expansions in pre-K and afterschool programs for middle schoolers. We are now at a crossroads, she included, We can either continue forward along this course or we can take steps backwards. We need to use this budget this year to take crucial advances, not backwards. MORE ON CAPITAL De Blasios surprising turn-around on cops headcount Special needs pension reform neglected of Albany deal Payphone wi-fi business

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