Q: I have a concern about clientclient service at Credit Karma.I emailed numerous times to have a concern addressed. They keep sending me automatic e-mails that have nothing to do with my concerns. Essentially, nobody is addressing my concerns at all.They do not have a 800 number. I am hearing-impaired. So I cant simply pick up the phone and begin dialing.When I was attempting to register online, it asked me to confirm where I have a bank account, from amongst the choices listed. None was proper. I offered that response and it said my response was wrong. I don’t understanddo not know exactly what to do. JM, Brook Park A: First, its excellent that Credit Karma(and the credit bureaus for that matter

)anticipate you to correctly respond to particular concerns to verify your identity. But I would concur with you that the question Credit Karma asked was confusing. In talking with you through

your interpreter, I realized Credit Karma was requesting for a bank where you have a charge card. However they didnt say credit card account. They stated savings account. ManyThe majority of us thinkthink about checking account as checking or cost savings accounts, not credit cards. (Credit Karma saysusers havingdifficulty signing up can get personalized assistance by emailing customerclient service at membersupport@creditkarma.com.)No concerns. My idea to you and anybody wanting to get a copy of your credit report and credit ratingcredit history at no charge

: Get them straight from the credit bureaus. With Credit Karma, Quizzle and other clothing that promote their totally free credit scores, understand two things: Theyre not giving you your true FICO

rating, which is the number most banks and other lenders utilize. And there is an expense. They do provide customers ratings that are sort of close to FICO ratings. They pay to get your credit details directly from Experian or

TransUnion. They offset their expenses with advertising and marketing profits. Credit Karma, for example, sends targeted advertising to consumers who register. Credit Karma uses VantageScore, which evaluates your credit report usinga various formula than is utilized for a FICO rating. If Credit Karma sees you have a huge credit card balance, you might get ads targeted to you offering you deals to put that balance on a house equity line.

Credit Karma attemptsaims to send out clients recommendations for monetary items that may conserve them money, based on their monetary scenarios. Credit Karma earns money by the bank or lender if you get a monetary product through among its suggestions. And for those who agreeaccept enable Credit Karma to monitor their charge card spending, the company sends out offers based on their spending. If you buy a great deal of physical fitness equipment or shop at animal shops and put the costs on

your charge card, Credit Karma maysend you targeted offers. Theres nothing wrong with that, necessarily, as long as you understand exactly what youre getting(not your real FICO score)and what its costing you(a little privacy). Credit Karma, Quizzle, Credit.com and others do provide financial advice and credit monitoring that can be useful to some. As well as though theyre not using FICO scores, these services can help people see whether their credit situationsare improving or decreasing. With any of these, youre providing your personal details including your Social Security number to a 3rd party. I would instead prefer to go straight to the credit bureaus through www.annualcreditreport.com, the site the bureaus were needed to set up in 2003 after a new federal law needed them to offer every consumer one copy of his credit report once a year from each of the three bureaus.

So if you go to www.annualcreditreport.comor call 877-322-8228, you can request your complimentary report from Equifax, TransUnion Experian. No charge. Duration. If you go straight to Equifaxs, TransUnions or Experians web websiteswebsite, you will need to spend for your credit report.