< meta name= DCSext.ContentChannel web content= financialsSector >< meta name= DCSext.ChannelList content= MOC_US_2015-16; FRBtestD; FRBnewsB; FRBnewsA; MOC_US_2017; financialsSector >< meta name= DCSext.ContentHeadline material= China + c.bank + states + outstanding + individual + home loans + at + end-Q1 + % 2B35.7 + pct + y % 2Fy +- + Securities + Times >< meta name= DCSext.rAuthor material= Reuters Content >< meta name= WT.z _ navid material= nav-Text-financialsSector >< meta name= description content= Chinas central financial institutionreserve bank saysoutstanding personal home loans amounted to 19.1 trillion yuan ($ 2.77 trillion) at the end of the very first quarter, state-owned newspaperSecurities Times reported on Friday, mentioning an official at thePeoples Bank of China. >< meta name= key words web content= China, CHINA, ECONOMY/LOANS (URGENT), Financial investment Financial and also Investment Solutions (TRBC), Banking Provider (TRBC), Home mortgage, Backed Markets, Banks (TRBC), Financials (TRBC), Financials (Heritage), China (PRC), Credit rating and Corporate Financial debt, Business Events, Economic Events, Realty (Tradition), Asia/ Pacific, Financial as well as Financial investment Solutions (TRBC), Financial obligation/ Fixed Revenue Markets, Property (TRBC), ActualRealty Markets, Emerging Market Nations, Financial Services (Legacy), Financings >< meta name= news_keywords web content= China; CHINA; ECONOMY/LOANS (IMMEDIATE); Financial investment Financial as well as Financial investment Services (TRBC); Financial Solutions (TRBC); Mortgage; Backed Markets; Banks (TRBC); Financials (TRBC); Financials (Heritage); China (PRC); Credit history and also Company Debt; Business Occasions; Economic Events; Real Estate (Tradition); Asia/ Pacific; Banking as well as Investment Providers (TRBC); Debt/ Fixed Revenue Markets; Property (TRBC); Property Markets; Arising Market Countries; Banking Services (Tradition); Finances >