GALESBURG #x 2014; Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, D-East Moline, officially revealed the Knox County Community Health Centers continued financing through the Federally Qualified Health Centers program Friday.The Neighborhood University hospital is anticipated to receive$1,003,537 in overall grant funding. The FQHC grant is a three-year grant awarded through the US Department of Health and Person Services #x 2019; Health Resource and Solutions Administration University hospital Cluster Program.This overall award of grant funding #x 2014; which was announced in December 2014 #x 2014; marks Knox Countys 2nd three-year award.The base grant is for approximately $700,000 and over$400,000 is allocated for broadening mental health services offered by

the Neighborhood University hospital. #x 201c; I #x 2019; m pleased to reveal this crucial financial investment in our area #x 2019; s health, #x 201d; Bustos said.

#x 201c; This grant will certainly permit the Knox County Health Department to continue providing quality affordable medical and dental care to our region. Community university hospital play an essential function in keeping our households and neighborhoods healthy and this investment will certainly allow the Knox County Health Department the ability to remain to doing this. #x 201d; The initial 2012 FQHC grant award of $595,833 permitted the Community Health Center to provide broadened dental services to youngsters and adults. It put a part-time medical director on website and strengthened the role of the nurse practitioner.But the next step came last year when the Neighborhood Health Center received well over $400,000 in federal funds to begin and expand behavioral health services.At the beginning of 2014, the health focuses staff included one full-time and one part-time dental practitioner, a part-time medical director, 2 part-time dental hygienists, and two licensed application counselors.By the fall, the center added a nurse practitioner.With the brand-new funding, the university hospital will certainly add two masters level social workers, broaden the medical directors role to full time, include 2 care planners, another certified useful nurse or medical assistant, an operations officer and another billing agent.All informed

, the health department and Neighborhood Health Center have a

staff of 36 full-time and 10 part-time employees.The most crucial development has actually been the addition of the behavioral health specialists #x 2014; the social employees, Michele Fishburn, administrator for the Knox County Health Department and CEO for the Knox Neighborhood

University hospital stated in December. Thats not to eliminate from what anyone else does here. The chance to have two specialists, on website, who can work with doctors and dental professionals to satisfy the needs of customers in a detailed method is precisely what we wanted in our long-range planning.