Sparkling white teeth produce a beautiful smile, however there are more vitalmore vital factors for having good oral health than simply the fear of cavities.According to the Mayo

Clinic, there is an “intimate connection in between dental health and general health.”This warning is echoed by Dr. Daniel O’Leary of Oak Park Dental, 3380 Astoria Way NE.”Yes, it can be associated with physical conditions. There are studies out there that program that the health of your gums are related with your physical health,”O’Leary said.Poor dental health is linked to and can add to heart disease; premature birth and low birth weight; diabetes, auto-immune conditions; osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s condition, according to the not-for-profit institute.Bad oral health can result in the”spread of infection to other locations of the body resulting in brain abscess, endocarditis(a swelling of the lining of the heart chambers and valves frequently triggeredtriggered by a microbial infection), pneumonia or other problems, “cautions the National Institute of Health.Brushing and flossing has actually taken on a greater value as the healthcare system and medical research find more connections in between bad oral health

and poor physical health.” Recently, it has actually been recognized that oral infection, especially periodontitis (a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports the teeth ), may influence the course and pathogenesis of a variety of systemic conditions …, “NIH stated.