Building an outstanding credit scorecredit report takes some time. But you can destroy your rating rapidly. A basic error can cost you as much as 95 points. According to FICO, if your credit ratingcredit report drops from 770 to 675, the rate of interest you could expect to pay on a mortgage would increase from 3.246% to 3.859%. On a 30-year $200,000 home mortgage, that would cost you an extra $24,722.

Here are the 3 most significant errors to prevent if you wantwish to keep your score high and your rate of interest low:

o First, make certain you pay every costs on time. Even missing simply one payment can cost you a lot. If you have excellent credit and end up being One Month or more late on one account, you can expect to lose 90 or more points. The easiest way to prevent a mistake is to set up auto-pay with all of your lenders. Although individuals are not surprised that a late payment can hurt their credit scorecredit rating, they are typically surprised by how lots of points you can lose for a single late payment.o 2nd, pay close interest to medical bills. An unpaid medical costs can rapidly be referred to a company and end up being a collection item on your credit report. Although many of these expenses wind up with firms because of confusion during the billing procedure, the collection item reported to the credit bureau resembles a default. You need to take control and aggressively follow up with your medical companies and insurance company. If you believe you owe the medical professional or health center money, do not wait for them to call you. A collection item can take 70 points or more from your rating, even if the balance is fairly small.o Third, pay close attentionvery close attention to your usage ratio. To compute usage

, divide the declaration balance on your credit cards by your overall available credit. For example, if you have a$1,000 balance on a$10,000 credit card, your utilization is 10%. Individuals with the greatest credit ratings have an utilization across all their accounts listed below 10%. The greatest damage is done when your usage is very high. If you have just one charge card and utilize the full limit every month, your 100 %usage ratio might be costing you 90 points. Pay for your balances and keep old credit cards open to guarantee your utilization stays low.Nick Clements is the co-founder of, a financial education and cost contrast site.