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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) —— Often the hardest part of doing a craft task is dragging yourself to the craft shop 20 minutes away to purchase all the materials that are in some cases required.

Charlotte Smith is the blogger behind and she stopped by Good Morning Connecticut on Saturday to reveal us a few of her competence. Among the styles of the projects on her blog are fast and simple improvements you can accomplish with low-cost and basic supplies. Smith says crafting does not have to be pricey or complex.

1. Marbleizing with shaving cream:

Squirt a thin layer of plain shaving cream into a shallow pan. Take some paint (any craft or house paint wild do) and leak it onto your shaving cream. With a toothpick, swirl the paint around. Place a piece of paper onto the shaving cream and carefully push down. Eliminate the paper and use a piece of cardboard to scrape away the excess shaving cream and the marbleizing paint will certainly be left behind!

2. Adding flare to your containers with nail polish

Got any plain containers or vases? Why not freshen them up by decorating with leftover nail polish? This should not be used on anything that will be available in contact with food to be safe, but merely paint a pattern onto your container with nail polish and let it dry!

3. Turning old jars into decorative accents

Our recycling bin is ALWAYS filled with jars and a few of them are no different than storage containers I may by at Homegoods. To take these containers from simple to sophisticated, pour a little quantitya percentage of paint into the bottom of your container and slowly let it swirl around the within and up the sides of the container. This probably will not stand up to water, however is a terrific method to store pencils or paperclips or other small products.

4. Sharpie decorated linens

Change a basic white pillow case or napkin into a fun graphic statement. Find a Sharpie (they now come in dozens of colors) and start scribbling! Maybe you can compose out your favorite tune lyrics or quotations or just go for fun doodles!

5. Freezer paper stencils

You can utilize freezer paper from the grocery shop to make simple effective stencils. Cut out the word or the shape or the letter you desire to stencil with scissors or an exacto knife. Using an iron, apply some heat and your freezer paper will gently adhere to the fabric. Review it with paint and after that peel the freezer paper off exposing your stencil!

6. Washi Tape wall decoration

Washi tape is available in more patterns than you understand exactly what to do with, so why not use it as a temporary way to add some flare to your walls! ComparableJust like masking tape, washi tape is gentle enough to make use of on a lot of walls (test first!) but durable adequate to stick around up until you’re tired of it. An easy cross pattern can be enjoyable and graphic in any space!

Charlotte Smith is currently in the March problem of Better Houses and Gardens magazine, which is on stands now. The last page: “I Did It” is the name of her feature short article.

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