Tuesday, the Colorado Springs city council approved the mayors proposal to briefly increase the sales tax to repair roadways. It will certainly be on the November ballot.Potholes have actually been a continuing issue for individuals staying in Colorado Springs.This didnt occur over night, stated Steven Anderson

, budget auditor with Americans for Prosperity.Anderson analyzed the citys budget plan and says there is adequatesuffices money to fix the roadways. He asserts the City Council might recuperate$20 million by levying property taxes on omitted groups like Colorado Spring Utilities.The big dollar one is taking a look at those exemptions, thats constantly a point of discussion with the citizens, stated Anderson.However, Mayor John Suthers says that wont work.Our total take in building taxes for Colorado Springs is$20 million. It doesn’t repair the issue, stated Suthers.Anderson also recommended
withdrawing$20 million from the emergency reserve account
. Suthers argued that would drop the citys funding balance by 9 percent-he states thats money required for emergencies.The last May storms we suffered$
10 million in damage. That would wipeeliminate our whole reserve fund, said Suthers.Suthers says hes thankful AFP invited him and council members to City Hall to talk about the budget plan. Nevertheless he states after the meeting, he still thinks a sales tax is neededhad to repair our roads.There is not $50 million in our budget plan, said Suthers.If voters authorize the.62 percent sales tax, it would generate$250 million in 5 years.